We always love it when we find a great cosplay of a character that's crossed over many different mediums. Today, we take a look at X-23, who was born as a television character, made the jump to comics, and then video games.

X-23 is a clone of Wolverine who is also equipped with a healing factor and has her own set of adamantium claws. She started out as a character created specifically for the animated show, X-Men: Evolution, but became so popular that she made it to the comics.

Rose Ryan is a British cosplayer who is also a model for Sexy Cosplay Girls. Her X-23 costume is nothing short of amazing, getting the character's sleek look just right. We're sure she's gotta have some kind of awesome mutant power that lets her get into that tight suit and it definitely completes the illusion.

See more of her cosplay work on her Facebook page and throw a few "likes" her way!

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