There's something about succubi that always gets us falling under their spells over and over again. Today we're featuring another amazing version of everyone's favorite Darkstalker, Morrigan Aensland.

Morrigan makes another appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, giving the other fighters a run for their money. She's gorgeous, a great fighter and one of the deadliest representatives of the Capcom team. She's got air dashes, fireballs, and multiple jumps, giving her lots of variety and mobility in a fight.

Here is Dalin Cosplay in an jaw-dropping Morrigan outfit. It looks so tight that we're not sure how she can properly breathe, but she seems to be doing just fine. If there is anyone who embodies the character's seductive aura better, we haven't seen them.

See more of her work on her Facebook page and let us know if you've fallen under her spell.

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