We'd like to think that some cosplays are so good that we'd consider them super hi-res versions of our favorite characters. Today we're bringing you an excellent piece of cosplay starring Lyralei the Windrunner from Dota 2.

Lyralei is a Hero who is classified as a ranged intelligence character, though her overall look and playstyle would lead you to believe she should be grouped in with the rest of the agility Heroes. Being an archer who dashes around the woods, she's become one with nature and can use her environment to her advantage. She has a lot of different parts to play in combat, but she's always got the starring role in our book.

Here is Karina a Russian cosplayer all dressed up in the Windrunner's signature outfit, with the pictures taken by VictoriaFW. It looks like every bit of it is accurate, even down to the belt. Her hair is especially impressive, recreating the exact style that the character model employs. She may use a bow and lots of arrows, but her most dangerous weapon just might be that lip bite.

Check out more pictures of Karina on VictoriaFW's deviantART and let us know what you think of this attractive archer.

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