We're not even close to featuring all of the characters in League of Legends, and that's alright with us. As long as cosplayers keep on pumping out amazing outfits based on the game's many champions, we'll keep hunting them down and praising them. The target of today's praise and our Cosplay of the Day is Ashe, the Frost Archer.

Ashe seeks to unite the tribes of the Freljord, which is a frozen region that's currently highlighted in the recent update to League of Legends. Sometime in her youth, she was guided out of danger by a hawk and was eventually led to a bow made out of ice. This weapon has become her trademark and was handed down from Avarosa, the ancient Freljord queen herself.

German cosplayer ibukii looks every bit like Ashe, from the white hair hidden by an ornate hood all the way down to Avarosa's bow. We wouldn't mind braving hordes of minions and cutting swaths through lanes with this archer at our backs.

See more of her fantastic cosplay work on deviantART and let us know how cool you think this outfit is. Get it? Cool?

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