Tomb Raider is gearing up for its spring fashion line, if these new downloadable content outfits that have just been leaked are any indicator. Well, if Lara's going to go through hell on Yamatai Island, she might as well do it in style.

Thanks to AllGameBeta, we've got a look at three upcoming DLC outfits for the young Miss Croft. The first, pictured up top, is kind of reminiscent of Hawkeye's getup in The Avengers, complete with the vest-like leather portion that covers the torso.

The second outfit looks to be a padded vest and longsleeve shirt combo, the kind you'd see some mountaineers wearing, which makes sense since Lara spends an inordinate amount of time scaling rock walls with her climbing axe.

And the third outfit seems like an all-grey engineer's utility suit. It most likely helps with camouflage at night, given its similar color to the darkened rocks on Yamatai.

No clue on how much these outfits will cost and whether or not they'll be sold separately or in a pack, but they should provide some variety in Lara's coming-of-age adventure. Do you think she's rocking it? Or should she stick with her default costume? Let us know!