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Happy Monday to all of you Arcade Sushi readers out there! Today we've got one of gaming's most recognizable female figures, Lara Croft, as she appears in her new game!

Gone are the ridiculous, gravity-defying proportions and overtly sexy outfits, because this Lara comes from the gritty new reboot! This outfit is worn by cosplayer Illyne, otherwise known as Tiphaine, who hails from France. We guess "blood" is the new black, as it seems to go with everything that Tiphaine is wearing. The updated Lara look features battle scars, bandages, dirt, and all kinds of intensity in her eyes. This isn't the type of Lara you're used to, who bounces around her large manor and traps her creepy butler in the freezer.

Tiphaine gets major props for wielding a hunting bow and Lara's new climbing axe, the combination of which has made for one of our favorite comparison photos to date. There's nothing we don't love about this cosplay, except for the fact that it's making us impatient when it comes to Tomb Raider's release.

If you'd like to see more of Tiphaine's excellent cosplaying, which includes some World of Warcraft stuff, follow this link to her deviantART page and tell her, "Je t'aime!"

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