Bayonetta - Cosplay of the Day


The witch is back, people! We close out the weekend with that high-flying action heroine, Bayonetta!

Here we have Katyuska, a cosplayer from Australia, who's working it while wearing Bayonetta's super-tight duds. Stick any of the Arcade Sushi crew in that suit and you'll see a bunch of people desperately gasping for air. But Katyuska wears it well and looks damn good doing so. Our minds would be blown if the outfit was made out of her own hair, since it would indicate a level of dedication we've not yet seen, but she's still impressive in that form-fitting leather.

And even bigger props to her for sporting Bayonetta's signature gun heels. These boots were made for whupping butt, not walking. The only way we'd consider anyone else a better Bayonetta cosplayer is if Sarah Palin herself donned the outfit, but that's probably never going to happen. If you want to see more of this bewitching cosplayer, then come on down to her Facebook or deviantART page and show her some love!

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