Your party enters the cavern, and its dark corridors fill with the shouts of a teenager with ADD. You can't quite hear what the shouts are saying, but it sounds a lot like, "Roll for initiative!"

Gearbox has revealed the next installment of Borderlands 2 downloadable content will be Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Pseudo-announced back at PAX East, the add-on finally has a name, release date, and price. According to Forbes, the expansion will arrive on June 25th, and will retail for $9.99 (800MSP) for anyone who didn't pick up the season pass.

The DLC will feature the vault hunters from the first Borderlands, as they are forced into a game of Bunkers and Badasses (Pandora's Dungeons and Dragons), with Tiny Tina acting as dungeon master. It's not clear just how a D&D-style game will work in conjunction with Borderlands 2's FPS style, but it should make for an interesting new way to enjoy the sequel.

More info is expected to come soon, so we should learn quite a bit more about what Tiny Tina has in store well before the end of June.