Shooting and looting may be the name of the game in Borderlands 2, but what about the overlooked mechanized mayhem that can occur? Thankfully, our Cosplay of the Day is Gaige, the Mechromancer, who can tell us all about the finer points of engineering.

She's the youngest of all the Vault Hunters at 18, but she's also one of the most dangerous. Gaige has the highest bounty on her head and is also the only character whose own skills can hurt her performance. But still, she's a bit of a genius and her Deathtrap proves that she's handy with machines. Hell, she even replaced her own arm with a mechanical one just because it got cut and she figured out she'd be more effective without it.

This is Alycen, an American cosplayer, as Gaige in her default look. She looks like she's about to touch down on Pandora herself and start summoning Deathtrap in order to go adventuring! She may not have the kind of cel-shading flair some cosplayers have with their Borderlands costumes, but we like her accuracy all the same.

Check out more pictures of Alycen in suits inspired by games, anime, and more on her deviantART! Let us know which ones you prefer in the comments below!