Maya is a Vault Hunter with awesome powers in Borderlands 2. Being a Siren, it only made sense that we'd be drawn to her and end up making her our Cosplay of the Day.

She's got a thirst for both Eridium and adventure and isn't afraid to get down and dirty. This shootin' and lootin' dame hails from the world of Athenas, where she trained up her Siren powers and lived under the Order of the Impending Storm's strict rules. When she finally broke free and headed to Pandora for adventure and answers about the Sirens, she ended up on a train that was booby-trapped by Handsome Jack, setting the story of Borderlands 2 in motion.

Here is Laura, a cosplayer from Spain who has recreated Maya's cel-shaded look to perfection. We're fans of outfits based on cel-shaded characters and this one is among the very best that we've seen. Everything about the outfit is correct and is an accurate representation of Maya's default appearance. The only other thing we'd really like to see is a little Claptrap rolling around her and being wholly annoying.

Check out some more of her awesome cosplay, which includes her boyfriend Erik's work as well, on her deviantART page! You'll see some Soul Calibur outfits and more Borderlands goodness!