Vivid Games

Real Boxing Review
Vivid Games' Real Boxing seeks to bring a console-quality boxing experience to the Vita's little widescreen. Is this game a contender of handheld boxing game of the year? Or does it get knocked out in the first round?
Real Boxing Review
You don’t need to be a sports fan to enjoy boxing games. You only need to be a Rocky fan. Stallone gave everybody a point of reference for fisticuffs in the rings. I guess Scorsese and De Niro helped too. Or maybe there’s just something inside all of us that likes to …
Real Boxing From Vivid Games Looks Unreal
Much like the state of heavyweight boxing these days, the options for boxing games on iOS are sorry indeed. It's basically a bunch of Punch Out clones, mixed in with some misguided efforts. Seriously, take a look at the icon for Iron Fist Boxing. That will give you nightmares.