Much like the state of heavyweight boxing these days, the options for boxing games on iOS are sorry indeed. It's basically a bunch of Punch Out clones, mixed in with some misguided efforts. Seriously, take a look at the icon for Iron Fist Boxing. That will give you nightmares.

For true fans of the sweet science, news of a decent-looking boxing game is most welcome. And it would appear that Real Boxing from Vivid Games is more than decent looking.

Powered by the inexhaustible Unreal Engine, the graphics for Real Boxing are going to be both crisp and gritty at the same time. The heavily muscled boxers will move like real fighters, with Vivid Games opting to use motion capture technology to film some professional fighters.

I know what it sounds like. Unreal Engine? Motion capture technology? Is this game going to look like something from 1999? Judging from the preview images and trailer, that will not be the case at all.

Check back here for more coverage of this brutal boxing game as it gets closer to fight night.

Here's the teaser trailer:

And some lovely screenshots.