Ryse: Son of Rome

Living the Life: Why Non-Linear Games are a Better Experience
A common description, and sometimes even selling point, of games these days is linear or non-linear. Triple A titles are sometimes chastised for being too linear or restricting, especially when similar games or previous games in the franchise offer unrestricted experiences.
Report: Crytek UK in Turmoil, Ryse Sequel Cancelled
Multiple sources are reporting that Crytek UK, developers of Crysis 3 and the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, is experiencing major problems, including high turnover rates, unpaid employees and a general distrust in the company’s management.
Ryse: Son of Rome Trailer: Claim Glory in the Colosseum
Subscribe to Arcade Sushi on Youtube Microsoft and Crytek are getting into the holiday spirit and gifting fans of Ryse: Son of Rome with a free update to Gladiator Mode and the chance to get an add-on pack called the Colosseum Pack. This free update gives players access to new level events that incl…
Xbox One Owners Dispatch 3B Zombies, Drive 90M Miles
Microsoft has released a fun little infographic celebrating the first few weeks of the Xbox One’s life, and the numbers might surprise you. Over on Xbox Wire, Microsoft has been sharing bits of info about the Xbox One launch, but this latest graphic shows just how busy all the early adopters …
Ryse: Son of Rome Review
Crytek is known for pushing PC gaming to the limits with their Crysis series, so hearing that they would be headlining an exclusive launch title for the Xbox One left us very excited to see how they would handle the next gen hardware. We couldn’t wait to see how Crytek would push the Xbox One…
Ryse: Son of Rome Trailer: Marius’ Revenge
Subscribe to Arcade Sushi on Youtube This Friday, you will be transported back to ancient Rome to take part in battles the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Will you emerge a victor in Ryse: Son of Rome? There’s some gameplay on display, but this launch trailer for the Xbox One …

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