Portal 2

10 Best Robot Buddies in Video Games
These robot pals put their circuits on the line to get us to the end of their respective games and they do it in sheer, sleek style. These are the 10 best robot buddies in video games.
The Underbelly of Aperture Revisited: Celebrating Portal 2
Imagine having to follow up a legendary piece of media with something better. Can you put yourself in a place where fans ask you to take the thing you made that revolutionized a genre and make a follow-up that’s not only on par, but continues to push the envelope? That’s where Portal 2…
ThreeA Portal 2 Atlas and P-body Figure Review
When ThreeA revealed it would be bringing Aperture's test robots to life in sixth-scale, I immediately got excited. After getting my hands on them, I'm pretty thrilled with the results, even if there are a few flaws.
Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA’s Big, Bad Metal Gear Ray and More
Though video game licenses aren't where ThreeA built its brand, that's certainly where some of the company's most impressive collectibles have come from. Originally started as a joint collaboration between Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood, ThreeA has expanded from publishing and manufact…
Portal 2 Chell Figure Review
There are plenty of protagonists in video games that have no voice of their own. Despite this over abundance of mute heroes, few are actually remembered and revered the same way Portal and Portal 2's Chell is by fans. It's curious then that it's taken so long for her to get her own ac…