She may not be an actual person, but imagining GLaDOS as a human being is both scary and totally cool.

GLaDOS is the unhinged AI who puts our heroine, Chell, through all sort of hell in Portal in the name of science. Experiments are her game and she uses cake to lure you into her physics-laden machinations. Her voice has become an icon of gaming, thanks to its electronic, lilting nature and bitingly subtle sarcasm.

Here's Russian cosplayer, Aleksandra Bodler, as the crazed AI, giving her an oddly-appealing human look. Having GLaDOS's "head" over her eye adds to the psychotic, monocloptic appearance of the character, but her soft lines and cute bob also make her somewhat more inviting. This is one girl we wouldn't mind running through deathtraps for, cake or no cake.

Check out the rest of Aleksandra's stuff on her deviantART. You'll find plenty to love, like some anime cosplay and even some My Little Pony stuff, if you're into that.