Respawn Unveils Next Map of Titanfall: Expedition DLC

Respawn Entertainment

As Pilots worldwide are on standby for Titanfall's upcoming Expedition DLC, we finally have a sneak preview of its latest map.

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled Runoff, the second map for its first downloadable content map pack for Titanfall. Runoff is an anticipated piece of the Titanfall: Expedition DLC because of the level's focus on close quarters combat while still allowing enough room for Titans to maneuver around and properly use corners and obstructions as cover. Runoff will feature an industrial, factory environment filled with trench-like tunnels of trash and water for you to fight in. Respawn is proud that this level will have more choke points than most other stages, which is fairly difficult to create based on the maneuverability of the pilots of the game. The three main buildings will be utilized in different ways based on what type of match you're playing, whether its Capture the Flag, Attrition or Domination.

Respawn Entertainment
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