Playing Modern Games on a 41-year-old TV


Watch someone play the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Watch Dogs and Saints Row IV on a television made in 1973.

Reddit user awesomedan24 posted the following pictures and videos of him playing modern games on a 41-year-old television set. This cathode ray tube TV should have come with a dipole (bunny ear) antenna, but it looks to play games just fine. Mind you, its only colors are black and blueish white, but it still gets the job done. Reading game text on the screen is a whole different story.

We really wished that Dan would have played Fallout 3 on this screen, because it would have been so appropriate to the game's style, especially since the game's lore explains that CRT remained the technological standard. Nevertheless, it's amazing to see a 41-year-old TV play these games, but good luck trying to read the text from the first Dead Rising, we couldn't even read it on a normal screen.

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