Now that we've confirmed that Final Fantasy: All The Bravest will release on iOS tomorrow, let's take a look at the trailer!

First thing's first: what is happening in this craziness? So many characters! By our count, you can have what appears to be 40 different heroes on your side, Cure-ing and Meteor-ing away at whatever villain is stupid enough to get in your way.

And those premium, iconic characters that you can unlock? There were a couple of them that flashed by in the trailer, including a whole giant party of Kain Dragoons. But perhaps the most noticeable was a certain someone who reared his spiky head:

It's Cloud! We have to admit, it's kind of genius on Square's part to incorporate all these characters as in-app purchases. Final Fantasy fans will just not be able to help themselves! Think about it, you will be able to nab all of your favorite characters from different games to assemble your own Final Fantasy Dream Team! Well done, Square Enix.

Check out the trailer below: