The Mass Effect series opened new doors in the way of video game storytelling. What are the results of all of those narrative choices in Mass Effect 3? They're pretty interesting. Keep in mind that the stats may contain some SPOILERS.

For those of you who enjoy numbers a bit more than the rest, Kotaku has a fascinating chart showing the aggregated numbers of everything from time spent playing to the percentage of gamers that let Garrus die.

Two of the most intriguing numbers on the chart were the ones showing the preference for good over bad and male over female. 64.5% of Mass Effect 3 Players chose to play as Paragons, which means a lot of you like to be goody-goody!

Also, a whopping 84% of players chose to be a male Shepard. Could it be that most gamers fantasize about being the uber-male superhero, always saving the universe from whatever invasion may befall it? Possibly. We'll let you decide.

Can you guys guess how many enemies have been killed in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? Click here to find out. You might find some other intriguing numbers. Which ones surprised you the most?