The portable Android gaming device GameStick is currently up for pre-order for $79.

After successfully being funded through Kickstarter, PlayJam's GameStick is set to arrive in April for its original backers. However, if you happened to miss out on backing the device, you'll still be able to get your hands on one in a few months.

PlayJam is now taking pre-orders for the GameStick through its website, where you can plunk down the same $79 original backers did to get one. You'll have to wait until the initial Kickstarter funders all get their GameSticks, but PlayJam doesn't anticipate the wait being that long.

Between the GameStick, Ouya, and others, there are sure going to be a lot of Android gaming devices available this year. Did you back any on Kickstarter, and if not, do you plan on getting one when they do arrive?