Though the Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, GameStick's creators have revealed the final design for the portable Android gaming device.

Thanks to feedback from its backers, GameStick has settled on what they called the final design for its controller.The new look will include a extended grips with a taper to allow them to better fit in players' hands. The slot for the HDMI stick, which is the titular GameStick, has been moved to the rear of the controller, and now includes an external slot for a 32GB MicroSD card.

In addition to the revamped controller, the company has announced a new dock for the GameStick controller, which will be compatible with a wide range of USB and HDMI products like keyboards, microphones, and cameras. There will also be even more expandable memory in the dock (64GB), bringing the the total for potential space up to 104GB.

The GameStick Kickstarter is still running, and won't close until Friday, Feb. 1st. The device has already been fully funded, but there's still time to jump on the GameStick bandwagon, and help the company reach more of its stretch goals.