The quiet yet colorful forests of the massive Wyoming wilds are going to set the tone for Campo Santo's gorgeous adventure story, Firewatch.

Make no mistake about it, when we first heard about who was in Campo Santo, we got really excited for its debut title, Firewatch. Based on this debut trailer, we have a feeling it is going to live up to our expectations, and they are really high based on Campo Santo's impressive roster.

Artist Olly Moss is doing the Firewatch's vivid and exuberant visuals. You might recognize Olly Moss from his work with Lucasfilm, Sony, Studio Ghibli and Mondo. Firewatch is being designed by Nels Anderson, who also designed Mark of the Ninja. Chris Remo, who did the soundtrack for Gone Home, is composing Firewatch's music. Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, who helped write and design the first season of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, are also writing the game and designing it, with Rodkin sitting in the creative director's chair for the whole project.

Firewatch is due for a release on PC sometime in 2015.