This collection of concept art for Epic Arena shows how a gorgeous mobile game goes from the pencil to the battlefield.

Shadow Masters has sent us some of the latest concept art for its upcoming, online strategy game, Epic Arena. Epic Arena has you test your tactics and intellect against other minds online. It takes concepts of the collectible card game genre and combines it with the strategy of a tactical board game.

You get to assemble your army, gear them out, draw some cards and wage war online on your mobile device. Power Cards will allow you to customize your team to maximize its potential. Epic Arena allows you to challenge your friends whenever you'd like and also lets you play in single player matches in case you want to be on your own against its AI.

The concept art Shadow Masters sent to us depicts some stylish designs that reminds us of the personality and creativity that is going into Epic Arena's gorgeous visuals. Epic Arena will be coming out later this summer for iOS and Android. For more information, please check out Epic Arena's official website.