You can get the Steam Box right now! By that we of course mean Zeptolab's adorable physics puzzle hit Cut the Rope, which just put out an update that's called Steam Box and is not related in any way to Valve's game changing console. But hey, Om Nom has got himself 25 new levels to munch his way through!

Considering the big news this week, he have to tip our caps to the guys at Zeptolab for this cheeky and well-timed update. The new update gets its name from an added game element -- steam clouds!

There are now roving clouds of steam that are part of the new levels and add an extra puzzle factor into the Cut the Rope mix. Players will have to tap different valves in order to change the steam cloud pressure and use it to navigate the candy into Om Nom's waiting maw.

If you want the update or haven't played Cut the Rope for some weird reason, then you should get it now for iOS or Android. It's only a buck! That's a heckuva lot cheaper than what Valve will be charging for their Steam Box