CandySwipe Creator's Letter to Candy Crush's Developers

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CandySwipe's creator, Albert Random, created CandySwipe in 2010 and dedicated it to his deceased mother, but King, the developers of the similar Candy Crush Saga, have fought to get CandySwipe off the map.

According to CVG, Runsome Apps, founded by Albert Random, has faced the cancellation of its CandySwipe trademark, which it filed two years before Candy Crush became a household name. As we previously reported, King's trademarking crusade against other titles bearing the words "candy," "crush" or "saga" have led to an array of innocent games being reprimanded, such as The Banner Saga, which has zero resemblance to the game except one piece of its namesake, "saga," a commonly-used word in fiction and entertainment.

King trademarking to eliminate similarly named titles is also a way of negating the few accusations they have faced in that King stole ideas for its titles from other, previously released indie games; getting these games off of the market will leave King's titles on their lonesome, which means no one there to contest their authenticity. King states it has trademarked "Candy Crush Saga" so that the similar games that were released afterwards cannot leach off of King's success. Albert Random's CandySwipe seems to be one of these titles as well, except there's still one major problem -- CandySwipe came out two years before it.

Random has released the above picture, noting the similarities between the two titles. Recently, King has filed a counter legal action to Random's trademarking of CandySwipe. This was doable because King originally purchased a game named Candy Crusher, an unreleased game which was purchased before CandySwipe's release. This loophole then would negate Random's propriety over the CandySwipe namesake due to King's trademark.

In response to King's legal loophole exploitation, Random has released this open letter to King:

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