Azeroth Choppers Unveils Two Warcraft-themed Motorcycles, One Exclusively Coming to WoW


Whether you're for the Horde or for the Alliance, you will gawk at these two legendary choppers.

Kotaku reports that Paul Teutul Jr. and his team at Paul Jr. Designs have partnered up with Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate the World of Warcraft by finishing up the production on two absolutely stunning chopper-style bikes. We haven't seen a fresh episode of 'American Chopper' since season seven depicted the rivalry and bad blood between Orange County Chopper owner Paul Teutul Sr. and his son and former company co-owner Paul Teutul Jr. The Teutuls are absolutely talented when it comes to designing custom-made chopper-style motorcycles, and we're glad to see Paul Jr. at the helm of these two immense projects.

Blizzard has announced that one of these bikes will be added as an in-game mount to World of Warcraft, but fans must vote whether it will be the Horde or Alliance-themed bike that will roll its way to Azeroth. The designs are absolutely jaw-dropping in terms of how each one adheres to the themes and motifs of its respective faction. The Horde chopper has spiky shoulder pads like a grunt from Orgrimmar would with black pipes and chains around it -- it really looks like a team of Goblin engineers crafted this for Garrosh Hellscream. The Ally bike is sleek with clean steel all around it, bearing a shield of the Alliance at its front. With some golden cogwheels at its side, it looks as though Gnomish engineers crafted this beast of a vehicle. We sincerely hope Blizzard decides to put both of these bikes into the game.

Azeroth Choppers
Azeroth Choppers
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