A group of former Final Fantasy devs are helping Kobojo with the creation of the beautiful, hand-drawn RPG, Zodiac.

Zodiac is an online RPG being made by Kobojo, a French studio, in collaboration with many developers who frequently worked on the Final Fantasy series, Destructoid reports. In particular, Kobojo is making Zodiac with the help of Hitoshi Sakimoto, who composed Final Fantasy Tactics and FFXII; Kazushige Nojima, the scenario writer of Final Fantasy VII; and Masaaki Kaneko, a longtime sound designer of the series. The studio claims that this turn-based role-playing game will offer online multiplayer gameplay mixed with the styles of Final Fantasy, Valkyrie Profile and Dragon's Crown.

Originally set for a release on mobile devices, Zodiac was playable at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show on the PS Vita. Kobojo's CEO, Mario Rizzo, noted that he would like PC and console versions as well. Rizzo is hopeful that Zodiac can have cross platform capabilities, going from mobile to Vita and, eventually, home consoles.

Zodiac is expected to launch sometime in 2015.

If you're a longtime fan of Final Fantasy, you're going to love Zodiac. You're also going to love this:

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