Dragon's Crown

Dragon's Cosplay
There's no denying that the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown has one of the most interesting and controversial character designs in recent gaming history. It was only a matter of time before someone decided to dress up as this magical minx, and we're glad they did.
Dragon's Crown Review
Dragon's Crown is the newest offering from Vanillaware and Atlus. It is a game that seeks to combine the multiplayer action of old-school, sidescrolling arcade beat 'em ups with role-playing mechanics in order to create a fast-paced, but deep experience. Does it succeed in its quest? Or sh…
Dragon's Crown
If you are jonesing for the old school days of incredibly hard beat em ups, then Vanillaware has a surprise for you. Dragon’s Crown, the game well known for its characters with gigantic muscles and breasts, actually has gameplay, and good gameplay at that. So stop ogling the sorceres…
Dragon's Crown
The sixth and final character trailer for Dragon's Crown has arrived, and with it comes all the beauty and power of the Amazon.
Crown Jewel
Armed with nothing but a bow, some arrows, and her wits, the elf in Dragon's Crown holds her own against a wide variety of fearsome foes in this new trailer.

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