Hey, remember that action role-playing game called Wildman from Gas Powered Games? We reported earlier this week that it wants to raise $1.1 million on Kickstarter. Now the developers have just released a video update for it that shows off some prototype gameplay and answers your questions!

The video stars Chris Taylor as he answers your questions and walks you through some prototype gameplay. The first question actually deals with gameplay and asks if Gas Powered Games would show any.

Taylor obliges and shows us some of Wildman in the middle of a warzone as a whole gaggle of other wildmen-looking characters run about, getting clubbed in the noggin with his huge bone. Taylor promises that there will be even more enemies on-screen once the full game is up and running.

The next question is about DRM. The answer is simple: "There's no DRM. DRM is not something we're doing in Wildman."

Another question asks if an emphasis will be placed on either the Single or Multiplayer aspects of the game, to which Taylor says that single-player will be the focus because it, "is the foundation of the game." One they have a great single-player campaign, then they can focus on a good multiplayer.

He's also asked what the deal is with the cartoony look of the game and he replies saying that the aesthetic allows them to do more because it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Finally, he's asked if the game will be on Steam. His response? "We're happy to put it where you want it. We're happy to shove this game up your a--." No thanks. Console is fine.

Check out the Q&A below and let us know if you'll be throwing your money at this Kickstarter project!