Are you a fan of the Homeworld series of space sims? Well, do we have a portable MMO for you. This week’s Kickstarter of the Week is Universe Rush, a brand new MMO space sim project by Rushlab.

Universe Rush is fairly heavily inspired by Homeworld, right down to the ship design, and the creators are not shy about letting you know this. The basic gameplay of Universe Rush will be part sim and part strategy. Players will be tasked with building up a fleet of ships and space stations that is able to both explore uncharted regions of the galaxy, and fend off enemy attack.

On one side of the game, there will be an extensive economic system. Players will be tasked with finding rare items and minerals in the galaxy and trading these resources with other players in order to make a profit. Player to player trading will be implemented post launch. Until then, players will have to make do with traveling around the universe and hitting up markets and trading posts.

Once you have had your fill of interstellar commerce, it’s time to hop into battle. Battles in Universe Rush can take place regardless of time and space. Even if your opponent is in another battle, you can join in and pick the side you want to play kingmaker with! You will always have to defend your outpost at all sides, and every player will be looking to take a piece out of you.

Universe Rush will be primarily developed for tablets on both Droid and iOS platforms and will have extensive touch controls giving you the ability to easily micromanage your fleet. Rushlab has said that they want to develop the game to be multiplatform, allowing Droid players to play iOS players and vice versa. A donation of only $10 will get you an early bird copy as soon as it is available.

Universe Rush’s Kickstarter has raised only $790 at time of writing, and they are looking to raise $100,000 with only 27 days to go. So if you want to see a next gen, mobile, MMO, Homeworld type space-sim, then get to donating! For more info, please visit the official Universe Rush Kickstarter page.

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