If you are a fan of pushing cardboard then you are going to love today’s Kickstarter of the Week. While Mega Man may have taken a break from his video game escapades, he is still remembered fondly by board gamers. A Texas based board game developer, Jasco Games, recently started a Kickstarter to create an official Capcom licensed Mega Man board game. They asked for $70,000 to cover costs of production and distribution, but what they got was over $150,000 in the first day! So it looks like we will finally see the Blue Bomber back in action… on your tabletop.

Mega Man: The Board Game is marketed as a 2-8 player “side scrolling” board game. The creators didn’t like classic turn based board game play, so instead they came up with a game format that actually allows you to play on other players’ turns. Each player controls both a robot master and Mega Man. When your stage is being played, it’s their job to put traps and enemies and stage hazards to prevent the Mega Man player from getting to their robot master. When you play as Mega Man, your goal is to defeat other players’ stages and defeat their robot masters in battle. Once you have beaten enough robot masters you have to go up against Dr. Wily in a final showdown. The first player to defeat Wily wins.

The normal game supports one to four players with each player controlling both Mega Man and Fire Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, or Elec Man. However, a deluxe version of the game is also being developed that adds Time Man and Oil Man to the mix. The game can, essentially, be played with as many people as you have robot masters. As the Kickstarter reaches new stretch goals, more and more robot masters will be added. For example, for reaching 150k, Guts Man was added to the robot master lineup.

Unfortunately, the Mega Man: The Board Game Kickstarter is one of the more expensive Kickstarters to donate to. You need to donate at least $60 to be able to get a copy of the board game, and then it’s only the basic version without any expansions or even stretch goal rewards. To be able to reap the rewards of the stretch goals, you need to donate a whopping $130 or more! Maybe that’s why it reached its Kickstarter goal so quickly. At time of writing, the Kickstarter managed to raise $218,562 though only about 1,747 backers, and it still has a whole month of Kickstarting to go! This is one board game that will only get better, so if you want to relive some classic Mega Man action with your friends in a non-digital setting, pitch Jasco Games a few bucks.

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