Behold the trailer for Last Life, a project developed by Sam Farmer and presented by Double Fine which tasks you with solving your own murder... on Mars.

In this polygonal noir story, you step into the recently deceased shoes of Jack Parker, a private investigator who has just died. Luckily, through the magic of technology, you're brought back thanks to 3D printing for a total of four hours. In that time, you have to find your killer and solve the mystery surrounding your death.

The story takes place across three episodes, the first of which will hopefully be funded through Kickstarter. The project is being supported by the folks at Double Fine, who've even popped up an intro starring Tim Schafer, letting the public know that they will handle advising and distributing when it comes to the game, so long as it hits its goal of $75,000 by May 9.

A sci-fi, noir-infused adventure game that's being supported by Double Fine? Color us intrigued. Check out the video above and head to the Kickstarter campaign page to see whether or not you'd want to back Last Life.

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