Cats seem to have a pretty good life. Felines who live with loving owners enjoy a responsibility-free existence of free food, shelter and play, with little more to worry about than where to take their next nap. Massachusetts-based game developer Chris Chung is hoping to bring the experience of being a house-cat to gamers with Catlateral Damage, and today the game’s Kickstarter campaign reached its goal.

Catlateral Damage focuses on the most entertaining and satisfying part of a cat’s life; knocking things over. The indie PC game allows players to knock over plates, books, shoes and even plants, all while being an adorable little cutie-muffin who’s a good little man, yes he is! In addition, laser pointers will be included, offering gamers a chance to experience the futility of chasing a thing that doesn’t exist.

The Kickstarter campaign reached its initial goal of $40,000 today, and is already above $46,000. Stretch goals for the project range from a supermarket bonus level at $48,000 to a PlayStation 4 release at $100,000. With 11 days left until the end of the campaign, hitting the majority of these goals is likely. Donors can receive special in-game and real world gifts for their contributions, including soundtracks, game keys for other indie titles on Steam and early access to Catlateral Damage. High-rollers can even have their own cats added as in-game characters, or have pictures of their pets displayed in paintings in the game.

While Catlateral Damage doesn’t sound like the deepest, most immersive indie game on the schedule, it’s a funny, unique concept that should appeal to gamers looking for something a little different when it launches later this year.

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