The RPG/real time strategy title Wildman is a monumental venture for Gas Powered Games, and they are hoping their $1.1 million project finds its legs through Kickstarter.

As the titular hero, gamers are dropped into the middle of a war zone, where they immediately battle it out with the opposing army. Along with fighting in what Gas Powered Games describes as "hand crafted war zones," players will also uncover secret dungeons, upgrade their troops, and steal technologies from their foes. For a minimum $20 pledge, fans receive a digital download of the game upon its release, and for an extra $10 they get one extra digital copy of Wildman as well as the game's downloadable soundtrack. Jeremy Soule, who composed the music for the Gas Powered games Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander, is developing Wildman's score. Gamers who pledge $10,000 will appear in a special video blog and receive an executive producer credit. The Kickstarter campaign ends February 15th at 9:00 pm et.