Lume, a PC adventure game from State of Play Games, was released last year on iOS to much acclaim. Even though the game was short, it was quality all the way through. What really stood out about the title and set it apart from its peers was how it was made. Lume was constructed from paper and then filmed in order to create the animations in the game. Well if Lume could be considered an experiment, its followup Lumino City seems to be a full-on commitment to this innovative new approach to game making.

It's been about a year since Lume arrived on iOS and is nearing completion. If you want to know more about the upcoming title, check out this this interview with IndieGames, where State of Play details some of the inner-workings of their stop-motion process. The full interview also has photos of the production process and tid-bits of interesting information from the team.

Lumino City should be out this spring on Mac, PC and Linux with a release on iOS hopefully sometime very, very soon after that. We are pretty psyched to try this game out, as it looks just gorgeous and we want to see how they will expand upon what they accomplished with Lume.

Check out this teaser trailer and you will become a believer as well: