eSports are slowly getting more recognition, and the University of Pikeville is following the trends by offering a scholarship to League of Legends players.

The University of Pikeville in Kentucky has some exciting news for MOBA players. Upon the next fall semester, it will be giving out 20 scholarships for League of Legends players. However, if you think acquiring this scholarship will be super easy, you're wrong. Pikeville will only be giving out scholarships to the best of the best and it'll be treating its scholarship students the same way it treats its athletes.

PCGamer reports that the scholarship will require a certain GPA to be upheld as well as practice time and video time so that the players can scope out other Universities' teams. While Pikeville isn't the first University to implement a scholarship (Chicago's Robert Morris University was), but at least it's finally giving recognition for the students that play every year in the Collegiate StarLeague, unlike other colleges and universities.

It will be interesting to see if this trend keeps spreading or if it will peter out. Personally, I think it's awesome that college and universities (along with the world in general) are becoming more invested in eSports. Plus, who wouldn't want a curriculum that required you to keep playing your favorite game in order to graduate?

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