Are visual effects and background ambiance throwing off your concentration in League of Legends? Don't worry, Riot Games will let you block them out.

A member of Riot Games posted on League of Legends' official forums that a new "Hide Eye Candy" mode is going to be added to the game. This option will hit the game's Public Beta Environment with its next big update. Unfortunately, this doesn't give any kind of time window as to when we should expect it to leave the beta setting and be added to the main game itself. Toggling on Hide Eye Candy in the video settings of the game will lower your video quality, which will have a minor improvement on performance, but nowhere near as much as lowering your other video quality options.

So what's the point of the Hide Eye Candy option? Well, it lets you deactivate a bunch of cosmetic animations and visual effects around the characters and stages that you don't need to actually play. Those who are serious about competing in League of Legends and don't have the dough for a top-notch PC rig should certainly take note of this upcoming option.

Here's what Riot Games' JxE had to say about this upcoming change:

Hey all,

Recently we added an option to the Game tab in the menu called "Hide Eye Candy". Some of our more competitive players requested the the option to hide some of the less subtle movement on Summoner's Rift. We added the option to disable things like butterflies, dragonflies and the water wakes to help competitive players focus on what they care about, the gameplay.

The next PBE deploy should have the hook ups enabled. Let us know if we missed anything that should've been added and if you have any other feedback regarding this new option.

~Riot JxE

Edit: Only ambient critters that persist after 1:55 will be disabled by this option. You can continue to perfect the dark ritual necessary to spawn the Duck.

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