Kael'Thas Sunstrider, well-rested after his stint of destroying guilds as an overly-elaborate boss fight in Tempest Keep, is coming to Heroes of the Storm in all of his green-eyed glory.

Kael'Thas is a ranged damage dealer, focused primarily on quickly slaying the opposition. He comes armed with several abilities inspired by his previous appearances in World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3, like Flame Strike, an AoE blast which takes a few seconds to charge up once cast, Living Bomb sets a burning debuff on its primary target before causing an explosion which damages any enemies unlucky enough to be nearby, and Gravity Lapse, a stun ability which launches foes into the air.

He can also summon a turret-like Phoenix and cast the slow-moving, high-powered Pyro Blast to destroy clumps of enemies. When you combine his abilities with his Verdant Spheres trait, which allows him to empower a spell every six seconds for boosted effects, this dude's got some pretty cool combat potential. As an assassin-type character, Kael's pretty fragile, though, so using him will require careful positioning lest you end up feeding your enemy team some delicious XP by letting them kill you.

Like many of the other heroes, Kael pays homage to his lengthy history with a slew of abilities from his multiple appearances. Now, if we could just get Deckard Cain in HotS to bore his enemies to death with AoE stories, this game would really be cooking.