Even though a formal release date is nowhere in sight for Blizzard's free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, the house of Thrall claims it has unlimited potential in regards to maps, characters and other kinds of content.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Dustin Browder, Game Director for StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm, spoke about the future for Blizzard's entry into the multiplayer online battle arena (a genre which spawned out of a fan-made mod for Warcraft III). More specifically, Browder explained that there are vast possibilities in regards to future content due to Blizzard's fanbase combined with HotS utilizing characters and locations from all over the company's expanded universe (StarCraft, Warcraft, Diablo and Overwatch).

Browder was very excited about to talk about how the content for HotS just keeps getting bigger:

I have like another six [characters] that are being tested internally, and I get confused because I play that at the office and I play a different version at home. We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it and stop at this point. There’s no secret number and there’s no number that determines when we launch. I’ve had that asked many many times like “so, how many heroes do you need to launch?” and then they’re doing the math and counting like “you do about about one a month...That’s six months! Gotcha!” Unfortunately, I would launch today with the number of heroes we have. I’m good. The heroes are cool. We’re ready to go.

We’re gonna keep adding more, definitely the rate of growth on maps is not gonna slow or stop until we say so. Until somebody tells us “dude, too many maps” or whatever. We’re adding them as frequently as we can, and we’re going to keep adding them as frequently as we can, even after launch. What you’re seeing now is not a burst of speed prior to launch. This is the pace that we’re hoping to continue developing at going forward. We’re gonna add game modes, we’re gonna add new heroes, we’re gonna add new battlegrounds. Our goal for this game is to communicate with our audience to the best of our ability that you haven’t seen anything yet. We don’t want this game to become stale. We do not want this game to become repetitive. We want this game to constantly evolve.

For those wanting to get into Heroes of the Storm's closed beta, you can buy the Founder's Pack for $39.99. The Founder's Pack gives you full access to the Heroes of the Storm beta while permanently unlocking the Raynor, Tyrande and Diablo champions to your account. You also get some awesome-looking skins of these characters, 2,500 gold and a wolf mount. The only tradeoff is that you've gotta drop $40 to get beta access for a MOBA that is going to be free-to-play at its release so it could openly compete with the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2. Then again, premium content (like permanently unlocking other champions and skins) in both of those games costs money as well.