All that money everyone is spending on champion skins in League of Legends has paid off as Riot Games has moved into a lavish and amazing new building.

In a recent post on its blog, Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, details all the planning and the different thought processes that went into creating the space that it is calling its new campus. The campus is situated at the edge of West L.A. and it will house not only the basic needs of an office, but also some unique Riot twists. One such twist can be seen as soon as you step into the building and are greeted by large Tibbers and Annie statues as well as some awesome fan creations including not only art, but also costumes on display.

A Riot representative explained the choice below:

In the end, we selected a campus just down the road from our old haunt in Santa Monica and near popular Rioter stomping grounds in West L.A. — we can't resist the siren call of tasty ramen spots and boba joints. It not only offers a lot more space, but also more flexibility and control over how we use that space. Rioters will also arrive at the office by car, bike, skateboard, foot, and subway (in 2016), allowing more options for the morning commute.

In the pictures below, you can check out the different rooms of the campus, from meeting rooms to game rooms and a full-service kitchen. Remind yourself just how much you wish your office looked this cool. The game room features not only modern PCs, but also old time arcade games (they probably have Dota in there somewhere). The meeting rooms are themed towards some of your favorite champions, such as boxing gloves and a punching bag for Vi, pink and blue faux fur chairs for Jinx. There are tons of places to hide out, including the kitchen which is bilgewater themed.

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