Nidalee, the half woman half cougar from League of Legends, is getting a nerf and apparently, some people aren't too happy about it.

Riot Games doesn't always know what it wants, which is hugely apparent by the constant nerfs and buffs that it gives its champions in order to make everything fair. After all the changes to the jungle in season five, the champion Nidalee, a half woman half cougar (no jokes please), got a buff that allowed her to have more of a presence within it. However, as Riot Games revealed, there will always be people who whine more than is necessary and now Nidalee is looking at a slight nerf in her base health and her health per level. Her base health will be taking a 30 point hit, going from 541 to 511 and her health per level will be falling from 90 to 80. In Riot Games patch notes, it blames her health for the incredible presence that Nidalee has recently made in League games:

Though it's tough to say Nidalee's gone untouched with the rise of the incredible Cinderhulks, she's still at the forefront of any conversation concerning jungle dominance. To keep her claws sharp and her hunting skills intact, we're doubling-down on the natural weakness of any in-and-out skirmisher: durability. While not the easiest to pin down, cutting her defenses makes pouncing in even more of a risk, as well as actually putting her in danger when she's the one getting pounced on.

However, this may not be the end of the Nidalee changes. As mentioned previously, Riot is known for continually changing its champions stats to get things just right. The Nidalee nerf just came out today, so we will have to see how she fares on the rift. Considering Nidalee's past nerfs, we're just glad her health didn't take a bigger hit.

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