With 40,000 in attendance at the League of Legends 2014 World Championships in South Korea, we're glad to see the MOBA bring its title tournament over to Europe.

Riot Games' official League of Legends Championship Series website has announced that its 2015 World Championships will be touring throughout various European cities and countries. Just as last year's event spanned across Singapore, Taipei and Korea, the October 2015 world finals will be located somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, no official dates, cities or venues have been confirmed by Riot Games, but there's still plenty of time left before the grand tournament gets started. The Championship Series will tour through multiple cities during its Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Grand Finals. Just make sure you're getting your MOBA strategies down in preparation.

40,000 in attendance last year is a lot of people watching League of Legends -- it's a shame they don't know that Dota 2 is the superior MOBA. Yeah, we said it (just kidding, kinda).

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