For the second year in a row, Korea proves it has the best League of Legends players on the planet as Samsung Galaxy White won the 2014 World Championship Summoner's Cup with 40,000 spectators in attendance.

In Seoul, South Korea, the League of Legends 2014 World Championship's Summoner's Cup was awarded to the pro-team Samsung Galaxy White along with their $1 million grand prize, Neoseeker reports. Samsung Galaxy White beat Star Horn Royal Club in the World Tournament's finals with three victories to one loss in a best-of-five series. Star Horn Royal Club was awarded $250,000 for second place. The entire event had a prize pool of $2.13 million, up from last year's $2.05 million. The $880,000 left in the overall prize pool was divided among the other 14 participants in the World Championship according to each time's final placement.

Here is the entire 2014 World Championship Finals featuring Samsung Galaxy White's three wins and one loss to Star Horn Royal Club:

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