If you love League of Legends, but wish it was just a little more '90s, then YouTuber rizenvisual's fan-made commercial delivers.

This isn't rizenvisual's first League of Legend's piece, as one of one of my favorites is his 'League of Legends: Turret Rush (live action)' video. However, this is his first 90s inspired League of Legends video and that's good enough for me. The video (courtesy of Kotaku) features everything that you would expect to come out of a 1990s commercial and so much more. It has awesome voice overs, awkward camera angles, random fog effects, purposely low video quality and a ridiculous wardrobe. The outfit is really what sets the mood as specifically '90s. Plus there's an super old computer set up and what seems to be one of the first versions of League ever made.

Near the end of the video, thing gets uber real with the introduction of floppy disks. Just imagine how long it would take to upload League of Legends on your computer using floppy disks that can only hold approximately 1.44 MB each. You'd be there for days! Not that it matters since that's probably how long it would take you to log on to the internet back then anyway. Plus, the ending mentions the hardest truth that all League of Legends players have come to know: the game is free, but it's anything but free. Because really, noob, go buy some skins.

You can check out the video above for the MOBA that seems to have taken over the Internet while you wait for your queue to pop because, let's be honest, we don't have to tell you to go play League of Legends since you're probably playing it already (unless you're a Dota fan).

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