The team at Honest Trailers has done it again — this time, they've turned their sharp tongues and acerbic wit on League of Legends, the worldwide MOBA phenomenon which boasts a huge e-sports presence and a player base of over 60 million. As you might expect, the results... are very honest.

Let's see. Making fun of LoL's notorious community? Check. Pointing out the many, many elements LoL lifted from the original Defense of the Ancients? Check. Belittling the dozens of garbage-tier heroes no one picks? Check again. Smosh Games' team didn't pull any punches with League of Legends, and we thank them for it. Though LoL is one of the most indisputably popular games in the world right now, it's also got a serious problem with its community, overwhelming character selection and a general lack of visual clarity for anyone trying to watch this game (which is odd, given its incredible popularity as an eSport). League of Legends might be a hell of a great time, but it ain't perfect.

As always, League of Legends is free-to-play. Should you be brave or foolhardy enough to want to try this juggernaut of a game, you can pop on over to the League of Legends site right now to download it.