We finally get to see the changes Riot Games has made to the most popular map in its immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends.

MOBA fans lamented worldwide when they heard that Riot Games would be changing League of Legends' most iconic map, Summoner's Rift. Thanks to Kotaku, we have finally gotten to see a game played on the revamped map while Riot Games members detailed some of its changes.

Polygons were actually removed from many areas of the map in order to help it run more smoothly for those on less powerful PCs. This new, hand-drawn map will include much of the overall layout of the map but also throttles down the stress on the game's graphics to help less fortunate PC gamers.

While any minor change to a MOBA map will cause significant alterations to the gameplay, Riot Games wanted to update Summoner's Rift's looks, restructure the layout for more strategic play and help lower tier PC rigs be able to play without fret.