You might have noticed that we've been laying on the League of Legends love pretty thick this week when it comes to cosplay. We simply love seeing the game's amazing characters brought to life thanks to the work of talented cosplayers and costume makers. We've gathered some of the best League of Legends cosplay around, so come on down and see the champions in all their glory.

Here we have Ally-bee as Sona, the silent songstress. What she lacks in audible speech, she makes up for in jaw-dropping beauty.

Sylvain Leobon


One look at Eiphen's Caitlyn outfit and you'll swear that you were looking at the real thing. But don't stare for too long, because she might shoot your eye out, kid.



We wonder how much it would hurt if ThelemaTherion's Vi punched us in the face with those gigantic gloves. It'd probably be worth it, just to get a close-up look at this awesome cosplay.



Korean cosplay, Miyuko, looks absolutely adorable as Ahri, the nine-tailed fox. We're still not into the whole furry thing, but this cosplay makes a good case for it.



If you were to tell us that Tasha wasn't actually the assassin, Katarina, then we'd call you crazy. But, alas, she's a talented cosplayer and not the flesh-and-blood version of the character.



Seeing Misa as Akali is like looking into a portal in which our favorite League of Legends champions were real. Her portrayal is definitely something to behold.



Few things are scarier than seeing Zed standing above you. But Darkgodmaru managed to turn that nightmare into a reality. Badass.



At one point or another, LoL players have probably checked out Master Yi and his awesome skills as a swordsman. Now, thanks to BastuEvil87, they can see him in real life.



We never thought anyone could pull of a Blitzcrank cosplay accurately, but d-slim proved us wrong. Check out the gigantic awesomeness shown below.

Ben Hipple


An accurate Fiddlesticks. Wow. Brett, from 4 Itchy Tasty! Cosplay, has brought this walking bag of horrors to life. Excuse us while we cower in a corner and cry.

Brett Michael Horn