Though video game licenses aren't where ThreeA built its brand, that's certainly where some of the company's most impressive collectibles have come from. Originally started as a joint collaboration between Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood, ThreeA has expanded from publishing and manufacturing high-end books and figures based on Wood's designs into the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Portal 2, Halo and more. At Toy Fair this year, ThreeA had a host of massive creations on display, each of which is more impressive than the last.

Immediately upon entering ThreeA's booth, we were greeted by the massive Metal Gear Ray. Back in 2012, ThreeA delivered a scaled-down replica of Metal Gear Rex, which though expensive, was one of the most revered Metal Gear collectibles of the past decade. Ray follows in that same suit, and though we'd seen images of it online before, in person the piece is simply breathtaking. As longtime MGS fans, we were in awe of the impeccable level of detail, the craftsmanship and the articulation. This isn't just a show piece; Metal Gear Ray can be played with, too. Granted, the $490 price tag might make you a bit apprehensive about going hands-on, but standing there next to Ray, all we wanted to do was start recreating the Tanker incident. We would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for the wary eyes carefully guarding the booth from salivating nerds like us.

Instead of continuing to creep ThreeA's staff out, we broke free of Ray's trance to check out the rest of the gaming figures on display. Recently, ThreeA announced its deals with Sony and Valve to bring Killzone, Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 to life respectively. ThreeA has already delivered some Team Fortress 2 items, including the Robot Heavy that went up for sale late last year. The Robot Pyro (in both red and blue) was on full display alongside Portals 2's Atlas and P-Body. All three (or four depending on how you look at it) figures were intricately detailed and equally impressive. Atlas and P-Body in particular look amazing, and should make collectors very happy when they arrive in just a few months. Plus, they each come with mini ASHPDs.

Killzone's Hazmat Trooper was first shown off this week, and is based on designs from Killzone 3. The mixed media figure is in full Helghast regalia, and includes the trademark glowing orange eyes the soldiers are known for. Previous Killzone figures released by DC Collectibles were incredibly unimpressive, but ThreeA's Helghast is on a whole new level of amazing. We've seen so little of Killzone outside of the games, it's very cool to finally see a company bring that world to life. The partnership makes a great deal of sense, too, considering ThreeA's vast World War Robot line shares some commonalities with the Helghast. The Hazmat Trooper is available for pre-order now, and should be out later this year.

Unfortunately, ThreeA didn't have any more details on the Halo line or the Half-Life collectibles it announced before. Master Chief was shown off a bit at last year's SDCC, but the Halo 4 iteration of John-117 didn't make a showing at Toy Fair. As for Half-Life, ThreeA isn't saying much about what's in store for the line, but we're crossing our fingers for Dog. Now, we've got to go donate some blood so we can afford a down payment on that Metal Gear Ray.