EA and Maxis have announced The Sims 4, the next entry in the popular franchise, will be due out in 2014.

The sequel will be out on both PC and Mac next year, but no other details about The Sims 4 were revealed. There are still two more expansions planned for The Sims 3, both of which are due out by the end of 2013, but that shouldn't stop fans from getting excited for the next entry.

It's likely we'll hear more about The Sims 4 at E3, and if not there, then definitely before the end of the year. It will be interesting to see if EA and Maxis opt to include always-online functionality again after the debacle that was SimCity's launch earlier this year. With that reboot focused on more social aspects than previous entries, it's entirely possible The Sims 4 will also include some sort of neighborhood with your friends online.

Until EA and Maxis have more to offer however, it's all just speculation. What would you like to see from The Sims 4?