If you've gotten bored with controlling the lives of your poor, submissive Sims in The Sims 4, you'll soon be able to head to the great outdoors for a change of pace.

According to VG247, data-miners at SimsVIP have found assets in a new patch for the game that includes details regarding the first game pack for The Sims 4, dubbed "Outdoor Retreat." Players will be able to take their Sims on a little retreat to Granite Falls, where they can camp, wear new hiking gear, become herbalists and partake in outdoor activities.

In the trailer that TheSimsVIP made, you can see a handful of promotional assets for the DLC pack. The video showcases Sims getting rashes from poison ivy, a bear (or a Sim in a bear suit), grabbing a drink from a cooler and even a nice campfire, complete with camping chairs and hot dogs on sticks. It may be winter, but this has us craving the warmth of summer.

We'll update you once official word on the pack is released. Until then, enjoy the preview in the trailer above.

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